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In late summer 2018, the Learning & Development team at CoreLink Administrative Solutions introduced a series of career development opportunities for employees. The classes were built around the needs of the employees, who’d found out the previous year that the company would be closing. Knowing that some employees held tenure over the span of decades, freshening up every aspect of job searching, updated skill sets, and the like became priority.

The first two courses offered internally were Resume Workshop and Interviewing 101. These classes were offered in multiple sessions to allow for the greatest attendance by all employees. Though they were held in-person at the company’s headquarters in Fargo, remote employees and those working in the Omaha satellite office were given video conference links to join.

The Resume Workshop course was constructed and facilitated by Collaboration Specialist Allie Morth.

Prior to the first session, Morth sent a company-wide invitation for multiple session times. The hour-long workshop was to be focused on reviewing current best practices when it comes to resume writing, tips and tricks to make a resume standout, plus it would include a dedicated amount of time for each attendee to work on creating or editing their resume. Once notice of the learning opportunity was released, both sessions quickly filled up. A second set of sessions were scheduled for the following February.

Those in attendance included employees from multiple departments. Morth also invited several members of the company’s human resources team to vouch for current hiring trends and how a person’s resume should reflect those moving forward.

Of her time in the class, Business System Analyst Stephanie Hoekstra said, “I really liked how it was a working session type of environment. It was also nice to have a couple of HR reps from CoreLink in the workshop as well, to hear what they look (for) when hiring in regards to your resume. I haven’t interviewed in a long time, which I know is the case for a lot of folks here at CoreLink, so it was awesome to hear what employers are looking for (now).”