In July 2017, CoreLink Administrative Solutions announced to its over-200 employees in Fargo and Omaha that it would be closing. That news, which could have resulted in a tailspin of panic, became the foundation of a future built on the shoulders of a unique corporate culture focused on its people.

Since the announcement, the CoreLink leadership team enhanced career development opportunities for all employees through special programs, an innate sense of pride in ‘leading from where you are,’ and an overall attitude of each person’s journey being their own.

What worked about the CoreLink culture? What made employees stick around even after the closing announcement?

As the company counted its days, employees were notified of their impending departure through two phases each year, known as ‘launches.’ This plan offered people the time to hone their talents and skills, develop and grow in areas of interest, and work with their leaders and others in the company to network, build rapport, and honor their own legacy as they embarked on something new.

Click around and feel inspired. These are the stories of the people, the initiatives, and the resources that make closing a company with dignity possible. The Launch is CoreLink’s gift to the community to show that it shouldn’t take the end of a season to truly embrace the present. As CoreLink’s CEO, Joni Wheeler, said in an interview with celebrated author Cy Wakeman, “What we are doing in a closing company is absolutely what should be done in growing companies.”