In the digital world, LinkedIn serves as one of the utmost resources for showcasing professional accomplishments through a living resume (a LinkedIn profile), plus the social media website offers one of the easiest job-searching functions currently available. To assist with this Knowledge Cafe, the Learning & Development team utilized the knowledge of Communications Manager Nicole Turchin and Corporate Communications Specialist Scottie Knollin.

Prior to the first session, the Learning & Development team sent a company-wide invitation for the one-time session. Though it was held in-person at the company’s headquarters in Fargo, remote employees and those working in the Omaha satellite office were given video conference links to join. The course filled up so quickly, plans were immediately made to hold another session the following February. The team also created special one-on-one times for recent attendees to receive feedback from facilitators. The LinkedIn Workshop consisted of an introduction the social media tool, followed by an open forum setting for questions. Turchin and Knollin presented best practices, while also dissecting a few real LinkedIn profiles. Highlighting these real-life examples allowed attendees to be inspired when creating or editing their own personal pages.

Those in attendance included employees from multiple departments. Agile Project Manager Sue Meyhuber recalled, “Initially, I was apprehensive about what I would learn, but I realized it was for everyone. I (now) realize it’s used for far less socializing, so I will make sure to use it for that purpose.” Senior Release Analyst Katie Fietzek said, “After taking the class, I decided to download the mobile app to my phone. It’s nice to get notifications of when people add me to their network or share my posts. Plus, it’s easy to use.”

Benefits Coordinator Nicholas Law also took the course, saying, “(They) showed me a lot of how much the little things can impact the views and usage of a profile.” This feedback was especially relevant to using hashtags in posts and trying to grow engagement. Fietzek agreed with Law, saying, “One thing that stuck out was the use of hashtags and how that would help users be seen by others. I didn’t realize so many people would see my profile in their feed by including a hashtag with a post.”