Allie Morth, Collaboration Specialist


Adapting the Knowledge Café premise to fit CoreLink’s circumstances came about after the Learning and Development Team attended an Association for Talent Development (ATD) event in Fargo. When they mentioned the term “Knowledge Café,” we knew it fit seamlessly into the vision we had for the upcoming Career Development series. Our main goal was to keep the learning environment casual and focused on discussion.

Because we know that CoreLink is full of talent, we approached several members of Team CoreLink to see if they would be willing to facilitate a Knowledge Café on specific topics. Overwhelmingly- but not surprisingly- each person we approached said yes.

The bonus of the Café format is that it encourages participation. If PowerPoint presentations are used, they are brief and used to complement the discussion.

To set the stage for the sessions, we encouraged the facilitators to keep the topics open, share personal stories as they saw fit, and engage the audience as much as possible.

The topics that we chose were essentially decided by Team CoreLink. Sessions on Job Searching, LinkedIn, Networking & Community Involvement, Employee Benefits, Owning Your Launch Plan, and Transferable Skills are all topics that Team CoreLink expressed interest in via surveys, conversations, and emails. The Learning and Development Team, in partnership with a Career Development Workgroup, evaluated the responses and moved forward from there.

We have had a tremendous response to these Knowledge Cafés, and our aim is to keep reassessing and adapting them to meet the needs of Team CoreLink!


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