Written by Kacie Weber, Former Talent Recruiter

“What will happen when we think about what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them.” – Donald O. Clifton, the Inventor of StrengthsFinder

As Midwesterners, talking about ourselves is tough. We don’t like to brag about the things we are good at and struggle to find words to describe our strengths in a positive way. At CoreLink, our people are no different. CEO Joni Wheeler knew we had to do something about that! How could we not share with the world the value we all bring to our organization?

Our introduction to StrengthsFinder started with an All-Leadership off-site event. Certified Strengths Coaches Mitch Johnson and Kacie Weber dedicated 4 hours to introducing Clifton’s StrengthsFinder to Managers, Directors and up and coming leaders in the organization.  This day was filled with lots of personal reflection, a-ha moments and laughs.

From there, an all-company introduction was underway! Every member of Team CoreLink took the assessment to receive their StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths. In a two-hour session, we spent time helping each person discover their strengths through activities and sharing. Love, Crazy, Envy was a fan favorite.

One quote from our feedback survey stands out: “I love how the room was packed full, yet the course itself was such that it felt specific to the individual. The material was relatable and something that can be taken with us, to help so on our journey to perhaps hone in on what it is we should be looking for in our next role.”

As for what’s next, Learning and Development is working on team coaching sessions for Q2. The goal will be to help teams discover their unique skillsets and help them appreciate the value their teammates bring. They will explore ways to leverage their unique talents to achieve their goals. Well-rounded individuals do not exist. But well-rounded teams succeed together!

CoreLink’s investment in people has no limits. Our goal was to create a common language and a safe space for our people to talk about what makes them great.